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Praying for the world

In settings from Iraq to Colombia to Mathare North Mennonite Church in Nairobi, Kenya (shown above), MCC workers often remark on experiencing the richness of faith and devotion in the communities where they serve.

Please pray for the work of MCC and the communities where MCC serves. We offer these few starting points, hoping they will spark ideas for you and your congregation, small group or family.

1. Make a joyful noise. Across the globe, people of faith sing their thanks to God. Dedicate a song during a service, small group or the blessing time at a meal to one of the communities that MCC works alongside.

2. Each night, millions of people will go to bed hungry. Far more consider meat a luxury, not an everyday meal. Serve a simple supper of rice and beans and pray for those who do not have enough food for themselves and their families.

3. War disrupts families' lives, forcing people to flee to a safer place. Pray for those who have been uprooted from their homes. Pray for strength for them as they make their way in a new land. Pray that people may welcome them in their new home.

4. Pray for the body of Christ worldwide. MCC works with churches around the world - in locations from Colombia to Ethiopia to Iraq. Select a country, a city or a region and pray for the churches as they teach others about the hope of Christ and reach out to their neighbors.

5. MCC helps meet urgent needs during a time of disaster or crisis. Scan the headlines and pray for those recovering from disaster.

6. Pray for communities that don't have enough water. Ask group members to, for one day, pray for those without enough clean water each time they flush the toilet or get a drink of water.

7. Give thanks for peacemakers. Thank God for those who devote themselves to working for peace. Set aside a special prayer time or do this at grace before a meal.

8. HIV and AIDS have affected families across the planet. Pray for children who have lost parents to the disease and pray for grandmothers who often raise th

9. Find more ideas. Check out MCC's quarterly magazine, A Common Place, or look online,, to see stories and images. Pray for the people featured there. Pray for others in the same project. Pray for community leaders who are helping to carry out these efforts and for the MCC workers in that location.

10. Make a prayer wall. Collect images or post maps that remind you to pray for particular communities or needs.