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Hello children's pages

We hope you can use MCC's Hello children's pages to help children learn more about countries in the world and gain interest in the children who live in them.

The children's page is released quarterly and features a country highlighted in MCC's quarterly magazine, A Common Place, where you can read more about the featured country and MCC's work there.

Please feel free to download and print copies of these children's pages for each child in your group.


Meet Charite from Chad
Hello Chad
Meet Charité and learn more about her life at a school supported by MCC's Global Family program. Click here to see a video following one of her fellow students at her school, Village Altonodji.

Hello Colombia children's material
Hello Colombia
Meet Wilmer and learn more about his life in rural Colombia.

Hello India children's material

Hello India
Meet Sadaf from India and learn more about why education is important to her family.


Hello Mexico
Meet Abdiel from Nogales, Mexico, and learn more about how MCC helps teach peacebuilding to adults and children.


Hello Tanzania
Hello Tanzania
Meet Robert from Ekenywa,Tanzania, learn more about his life and love for soccer and see how MCC's conservation agriculture work has helped his family. (See an online photo gallery about Robert's day.)


Hello children's page Jordan

Hello Jordan
In Jordan, MCC works with many refugees who have fled from other countries, often because of war or conflict. Meet 8-year-old Mohammad, who came with his family from Syria.


Hello children's page South Sudan

Hello South Sudan
Meet Elizabeth Kiden and learn about her life in Gureyi District, South Sudan. (See a photo gallery with more images from Elizabeth's day.)


Hello Lao PDR children's page

Hello Lao PDR
Meet Khammany Phommachan from Phonehome, Lao People's Democratic Republic. Learn about what she cooks and the kind of food she catches in nearby fields and streams.


Hello children's page about Guatemala

Hello Guatemala
Meet Evelin from YalĂș, Guatemala. Learn how she helps her mom, and help find the words, from chickens to tortillas, that are part of her daily life. 

Hello China
Meet Shijie from Wusheng, China. Learn how to say hello in Mandarin and write the Chinese characters for ni hao.

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Find more information about MCC's work in the featured country in A Common Place.